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UV Printer that Makes Canvas Printing Be Simplest
2017-06-20 19:37:20
Are you finding a printer for large canvas printing? Do you want to print art canvas, or print photo on canvas with a more simple and straightforward way? Do you want to create personalized canvas printing in a more economical way? If the answer is all “Yes”, congratulations, this is a article written for you.
As we know, printing on canvas refers to artwork reproduction and it used offset printing originally, and later developed to dye sublimation printing and inkjet printing. Among these printing process, inkjet printing is the easiest way for direct printing onto canvas media. And today, UV printing machine, an equipment based on inkjet printing technology, has entered the field of artwork production. 
Why UV printer can on canvas and how?
The definition of a UV printer is that it is a high-end digital full-color printer without plate. It is not limited by the type of material and can deliver direct-to-object printing on a variety of materials, such as glass, PVC, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, marble, leather, etc, canvas included.
UV print canvas
Canvas prints created by YOTTA YD-F2512R5 flatbed UV printing machine
The process of printing on canvas is quite simple with UV printing machine. Just pass the image information to the printer through computer, and then it can directly print images on canvas, no plating, completing immediately. Therefore, compared to screen printing or dye sublimation printing, UV inkjet printing can be said to be the most direct way.
Why personalized printing on canvas with UV printer is a more economical way?
This conclusion is obtained by comparison of cost between UV printing and other printing process. During the whole process of UV printing, the things we usually need is a computer, substrates, an operator and a printer. It has the features of low devotion, high yield, little waste, simple process & operation, quick finish and high quality. Therefore, it occupies a unique advantage for small batch production.   
Canvas printer recommended
When finding a canvas printer, what factors are important? The most important thing is nothing more than quality and service. YOTTA as a high-integrity UV LED printer manufacturer, is committed to providing zero defect high quality products. Its YD-F2513R5 flatbed printer provides superior printing results with high resolution of 600×2400DPI. In functional design, it is equipped with automatic substrate thickness measurement system, media positioning device, automatic blank-skipping printing function, LED-UV curing system and more, to greatly improves productivity. 
In a word, no matter printing fine art print or photography on canvas or others, YD-F2513R5 flatbed UV printer will give you a extraordinary perfect experience as a canvas printer.

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