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YOTTA UV Printers Produce Stunning 3D Effect
2017-04-05 17:39:29

UV printer can deliver high-quality and high-resolution printing results on a variety of materials, and it can even print out lots of special effects with white ink, to further enhance the visual effects. Among these effects, 3D and relief are favored by us all the time. They make the prints look more real and attractive. 

In this area, YOTTA printers can produce stunning 3D effects for printed substrates that can satisfy all customers. From a lot of testing and proofing done for our flatbed printers we can prove this. 

Actually, many digital UV printers, large format printers and flatbed printers have the capability to print white ink, in other words, they also can print out 3D effects. But there is a fact that the effects printed out by these machines will certainly be somewhat different. Therefore, proofing tests for different effects before buying a UV printer is very important.
We welcome you to our company for visit or proofing.

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