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What can digital printing bring to companies?
2017-11-08 15:38:17
From the first debut of digital printing equipment in the 1990s, digital printing set off a worldwide upsurge. After years of development, digital printing has already shown us its great value for a variety of industries. So, what digital printing has brought to us?
1. Less preparation and prompt delivery
Digital printing is no platemaking required, digital graphic information input and digital graphic output direct on substrates. DIgital printing equipment provides more complete service with faster delivery time and lower lost troughout the workflow.
2. Short printing cycle, can be used for small processing order
Its on-demand printing feature makes it quite suitable for small order. 
3. Wide range of application
Digital printing equipment can be applied to print various of materials according to ink types. The application covers rigid materials and flexible materials, from glass, metal, tile, stone, paper to leather, garment, textile, etc.
4. Short boot preparation time
Digital printing equipment is instant avaliable, achieving effecient operation.
5. Less raw materials, low storage cost
Proofing is an important part of printing. Digital printing delivers more convenient and accurate proofing with lower cost. Its storage cost is lower for its fast productivity and shorter delivery time.
The above advantages bring more flexibility and greater benefits to printer owners. Besides, finished products deliver excellent and reliable quality, so that buyers can eccept even if the prodcut price is a little higher. 

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