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Home Accessories Printing
2015-05-23 14:15:08

Home interior decoration now becomes an important element of our daily lives in these days. People's expectations towards home interior decoration are increasing since it represents our living standards and influences our mood. Small home accessories are indispensible for home decoration, the environment and feeling of our houses can be significantly improved if we put some fashionable, aesthetic and special accessories in appropriate places of our houses.

Home accessories are offering a more comfortable and pleasant living atmosphere to us at some extent, while also creating limitless possibilities of space utility and bring your imaginations into reality. Although there are enormous kinds of home decorations in the market, there is still a growing requirement for customized ones. UV flatbed printer for home decoration can achieve this perfectly, as it enables eye-catching and photorealistic images being printed onto a wide range of materials, from crystal, glass, marble, metal to textile, leather and more.

UV flatbed printers brilliantly satisfy the requirements both of mass production and on demand production. As a professional manufacturer of UV inkjet printers, YOTTA possesses comprehensive models and a technical team with rich experiences and offers reliable product as well as service.


The main advantages of YOTTA UV flatbed inkjet printer for home decoration 


1. It can print on virtually any substrates. It delivers an unprecedented range of media compatibility and print quality.

2. Multi-color printing, flawlessly smooth gradations and super fine details, bright color and unexpected relief effect, what’s more, chromatography is unnecessary.

3. Minimum printing quantity downs to one piece, costs are reduced and it completely meets the individual requirements.

4. High printing speed, ink dries once the printing is completed.

5. Offering outstanding long-term durability, scratch resistance and wearable, waterproof and eco-friendly.

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