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Paths of Graduates (2)
2015-05-14 17:18:03

When most graduates are shuttling through various recruitment markets, some of them take the chance of starting their own business. They are engaged into different fields and bring fresh blood and motion for the industries. Some graduates choose YOTTA flatbed UV inkjet printer as their first step to realize dreams, which turns out to be a wise choice.

YOTTA is a professional manufacturer who offers the unrivalled UV flatbed inkjet printing machines with outstanding, reliable product performance and the industry's most comprehensive service and support. A powerful technical team composed of talents with rich experiences and profound knowledge ensures high performance and advanced machines.

YOTTA's UV inkjet printers go beyond versatility to deliver a wide range of applications. Such as advertising printing, furniture, T-shirt printing, leather bag printing, and package printing and many others. They are able to deliver photorealistic images with bright colors and high precision onto virtually any substrates, from rigid material like metal, wood, stone, glass, plastic to flexible material such as leather, cloth, silk and more. And they brilliantly satisfy the requirements both of mass production and on demand production.

The main advantages of YOTTA UV flatbed printer are as bellowed:

1. It can print on virtually any substrates. It delivers an unprecedented range of media compatibility and print quality.

2. Multi-color printing, flawlessly smooth gradations and super fine details, bright color and unexpected relief effect, what’s more, chromatography is unnecessary.

3. Minimum printing quantity downs to one piece, costs are reduced and it completely meets the individual requirements.

4. High printing speed, ink dries once the printing is completed.

5. Offering outstanding long-term durability, scratch resistance and wearable, waterproof and eco-friendly.

Our highly versatile machines that support flexible approach to design and production will allow people to open new markets with better quality and lower production costs. The impressive print speed, advanced productivity features and unmatched reliability and support make YOTTA's flatbed UV inkjet printer become the smart choice for your business, including the graduates who are willing to start their own careers.


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