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Failure connection of UV flatbed printer
2015-04-27 17:39:10

Sometimes UV flatbed  printer cannot be connected with the computer and this usually happens to the long-used printers. The main indications of this connection failure are: printing software cannot be opened after computer boots (PCI card series) and the software turns grey and can't be used (USB series). What are the main reasons? How to solve this?

First we'll discuss about the PCI card series. Since the flatbed printer has been turned on and it doesn't give a response at all for a long time, however, when we reopen the printing software, the tip of "this software is already running" appears. What can we do? Here are some notes:

1. Turn off the printer. After this, detach/reinsert the high density wire.

2. Reinstall the control software.

3. Make sure the PCI driver has been installed.

4. After the power is turned off, detach/reinsert PCI card and replace PCI slot.

5. Check whether the timing belt of motor has been damaged, if so, replace the timing belt.

If all the notes mentioned above still can't get the problem solved, then there might be something wrong with the computer or carriage motor or carriage driver.

Regarding the USB series problems, the solutions as below:

1. Reinstall control software and USB driver.

2. Turn off the power of the printer; detach/reinsert the USB wire or USB slot.

When UV flatbed printer cannot successfully connected with computer, don't be too anxiety, you can first check what type your printer is, the PCI series or the USB series? Then find out the causes and solve them.

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