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Deal with color banding in UV inkjet printing
2015-04-24 15:52:31

Detailed images with vivid color can be printed directly onto various substrates with UV injet printers. No drying time, the print media is cured immediately. However, sometimes color banding occurs. What are the factors that cause this?

When color banding appears, we should check the print driver first. Make sure the print driver is the suitable one, then find out whether the print type and resolution has been correctly set or not. Correct the mistakes if there are any and continue to conduct the print test.

After this, the check of the graphics driver which connects UV inkjet printer with the computer is necessary. Because some graphics drivers may bring conflicts between print driver and RAM and lead to abnormal printing. Under this circumstance, we can use the default Windows graphics drivers provided by Microsoft or update the graphics driver if it is available. Then carry on the print test.

One more possible factor of color banding lies to the cartridge clogging. Then the cartridges need to be cleaned. Press the clean bottom; clean the cartridges for two times. Providing this doesn’t work, the replacement of cartridges should be taken into consideration.

The change of continuous ink supply system (CISS) can also attribute to the color banding. Use the original CISS can solve this.

However, if the color banding still cannot be solved by the means mentioned above, we should better ask professional technicians of manufacturers for help.

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