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How to Disassemble & Install UV Printheads
2015-04-22 16:19:09

Printhead is an essential part of a UV flatbed printer, at the same time, it is the component most in need of maintenance. When comes with regular maintenance of UV printhead, disassembly and installation with carefulness will be involved. Here YOTTA gives some notes:

1. The surface of print head is aluminum; inside it are some small ink tubes and crystal oscillators, which are very fragile. Be cautious about them in case the shape change or fracture happens.

2. Turn off the power before installing the print head. After the installation, gently push the ink carriage from left side to right side to check whether the carriage works well or not. Remember to test the carriage first, and then turn power on.  

3. Make sure the cleanliness and smooth of the steel shaft, which controls the movement of ink carriage. Wipe the lubricating oil with napkin or other things, in case too much oil flows onto the print head and damage it.

4. Check whether the ink amount in the cartridge is sufficient and whether the damper and wiper are stained.

5. For the print head just has just been installed, there must be some air inside it and the printer should work after the air is extracted. There are three ways:

(a) Print some test papers so the air can be extracted through the printing period.

(b) Clean the print head intermittently. (Do not continuously clean it.)

(c) Turn off power, insert the needle of syringe into the waste ink tube and extract about 3-5ML ink out.

In conclusion, do not blindly operate the machine when malfunctions of print head appear. Be careful when dealing with print head or ask some professional technicians for help.

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