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Why choose YOTTA UV printers for phone cases
2015-04-25 16:07:14

The digital products are rapidly developing, especially for mobile phone technology. The emergency of uncountable smartphones leads to the rapid development of phone case industry. The  individualized phone case printing industry appear and become more and more competitive because it not only protects phones but also brings distinctive and unique mobile phones for us. YOTTA UV LED printers are received and trusted by more and more people when it comes to phone cases printing.

Since the very important component of UV phone case printer is print head, it is the superiority of YOTTA at the same time. People who have operated UV flatbed printer know that the common problem is the print head clogging. In order to avoid this problem as much as possible, YOTTA has improved the print head when designing and manufacturing its printing equipment.

1. Automatic scraping ink device. After the reset of print heads, in order to prevent them from clogging, the blade automatically scrapes the waste ink on the surface and the ink curing won't happen.

2. Smart ink jet program. After the reset of print heads, this program allows the excess inks to be jetted, so the clogging can be prevented.

3. Automatic moisturizing function. The capping unit avoids the ink drying in the print head.

4. Automatic cleaning system. The printer automatically cleans the waste ink in the print head.

Apart from the print head, YOTTA UV printers also have the following features:

1. Easy access to operation. No plate is needed. Various tools and materials for traditional printing are not required anymore. All we just need a regular computer. The whole printing process only requires one single operator who can deal with the graphics editor software. The costs of hiring staff can be significantly cut.

2. YOTTA printer is suitable for lots of substrates in various industries and won't cause any damages, phone cases included. The unsurpassed media compatibility better meets the demands of diversification in the market and better serves to the users comprehensively.

3. Printing images onto the exactly right positions. Perfectly avoid the problem of position offset.

Combines automatic control technology, YOTTA delivers UV LED inkjet printing machines with high performance and endeavors to offer most comprehensive services for people!

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