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Business Etiquette Training
2015-04-17 16:40:25

With the globalization of business activities, business etiquette plays an increasingly important role worldwide. YOTTA, a famous UV printer manufactuere in China, is training the staff in batches regarding the business etiquette in order to better serve our customers . On April 14th, the first batch of staff participated the training. During this course, they listened carefully and benefited a lot from it.

Briefly to say, business etiquette is a communication art in different business occasions. It is a code of conduct when showing respect and friendship to clients and an aspect of maintaining personal and company images. It is in order to improve personal communication skills and to enhance the corporate competitiveness. Business etiquette now becomes an essential part of modern business activities and it is the basic training content of personnel accomplishment for more and more enterprises.

The potential value brings by business etiquette is beyond the measurement of money. It is one of the important means to optimize the reputation and enhance the core competitiveness of an enterprise.

The training of YOTTA lasts for 3 hours; personnel of YOTTA found out their shortcomings and errors through the training and self-introspections about their daily work behaviors and were determined to improve themselves by working in strict accordance with the requirements of etiquette in the future.

Below are some pictures of the training:

Staff training of YOTTA


YOTTA business etiquette training


YOTTA business etiquette training

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