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May Day is Coming!
2015-04-29 17:20:17

May Day is coming! 1 May was chosen to be International Workers' Day in order to commemorate the 4 May, 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago, during a general strike for the eight-hour workday. The essence of International Worker's Day lies to the workers' fighting for their legitimate rights and interests with tenacious and brave spirit. It is a symbol of historical progress of democracy of human civilization.

In order to keep pace with this continuously developing world, we should spare no effort to make some contributions to the world and to other people. That's the reason of YOTTA's years of dedication of delivering world-class flatbed inkjet printers to people.

In this May Day, YOTTA would like to give some special wishes to you: "Five ones" - One healthy body, one promising career, one good mood for life, one group of trustworthy friends and one life-long luck!

(In Chinese, "five one" is the homophonic of "May 1st". )

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