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Dark or Light Bandings
2015-05-04 15:21:34

UV flatbed inkjet printing machines are widely applied to various industries. Protections and maintenances of UV inkjet printer should be attached with great importance, otherwise dark or light bandings would appear on printing images with accumulation of working time. Here YOTTA would love to offer some ideas regarding prevention from those dark or light bandings on images.

First we should be aware that print head is one of the most precise and important parts of a UV flatbed inkjet printer, meanwhile, it is the implementer of images printing. So we will first discuss something about print head.

1. Nozzles of a UV  printer are so tiny that they can be easily clogged by dusts floating in the air. This can lead to dark or light bandings on printing images, so we should well keep the cleanliness of working environment.

2. Store the cartridges that won’t be used for a long time into ink boxes.

3. Provided a inkjet printer works quite normally, and only slight blur of colors or high-resolution images occurs, please clean print head with auto cleaning system as soon as possible.

4. Ask technicians from supplier for help if poor printing images or clogging of print head are still unsolved even after times of print head cleaning or ink refilling. Do not disassemble print head on your own in case you damage high-precision components.

Quality of inks is also an important factor of printing effects. Problems with inks can result dark or light bandings, too.

1. It is very essential to choose and use high quality inks since they influence printing effects to large extent. Original inks and compatible inks are in good quality range and either of them can be applied to printing. Non-original inks recommended by manufacturers with comparatively inexpensive price and good quality are also worth considering.

2. If original inks are running out of using and are going to be replaced by compatible inks, we’d better jet a half of compatible inks out for the first time, then fill them and put them aside for a day. Auto detection of the printer should be conducted every time before using, good detection result means these compatible inks are workable.

What’s more, neither high temperature nor low temperature is suitable for UV flatbed inkjet printers since mechanical components and print heads can be easily rusted and corroded.

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