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Effectiveness of Ink Consumption
2015-05-18 15:51:03

Common consumables of UV inkjet printers include inks, cleaning liquids, ink cartridges, encoder strips and many others. Among these, the most frequently used one is ink. The price of UV printer ink is not that cheap, that's why we need to be mindful of the ink comsumption effectiveness when flatbed UV inkjet printers are working. How to improve the ink efficiency? Here YOTTA briefly talks about this:

Rapid consumption of ink may due to the following incorrect operations:

1. Turn off the flatbed inkjet printer before the printing process is done.

2. Incorrectly turn off the printer. We should press the bottom "power" first, and then detach the plug.

3. We know washing and cleaning of print heads requires a lot of ink, so try not to clean print heads frequently when the printer functions well. However, if print quality decreases, we should clean the print head immediately.

In short, correct operations and regular maintenance of UV inkjet printers should be implemented, so the ink consumption can be reduced, and the cost effectiveness and high profits can be achieved.

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