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Auxiliary Functions of Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer
2015-06-17 16:25:12

The reasons of flatbed UV inkjet printer's winning people's recognition and favor are multiple. Apart from its high precision and fast speed printing, low production cost and wide applications in various industries, its highly advanced auxiliary functions also play an important role. What are the auxiliary functions of a UV flatbed inkjet printer? 

First is about its continuous ink supply system. The CISS can automatically detect the ink level of the primal and the secondary ink cartridge in real time, and it gives warning and supplies ink timely. The CISS is one of the basics of a flatbed UV printing machine. If the CISS goes wrong, we should inspect the working status of liquid level sensor, main data lines and motherboards and some other parts of the printer.

Second is the cleaning system. The automatic cleaning system can be counted as a self-maintenance function, it greatly optimize the protection of print head. It keeps the moist of nozzles, prevents the ink from solidification and helps the internal system of printer stays in the best status. The lifespan of print head can be prolonged with the cleaning system, and it also reduces the workload of regular maintenance of users.

Next comes to the sealing function of ink cartridges. As we all know, ink cartridges with good seals ensure the digital inkjet printer's smooth printing process since the air and dusts will be kept way from the inks and the line-missing and clogging can be prevented.

Fourth is the automatic alignment function of flatbed UV inkjet printer. The alignment function achieves simple, convenient and effective alignment of substrates during the printing process with infrared sensor, pins and conveying belt and so on. It eliminates complex positioning procedure by hands and greatly enhances the production efficiency.

automatic alignment pins of printer



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