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YOTTA hybrid UV printer delivers stunning printing effect
2016-11-23 20:37:33
I believe that many people are looking for a high-quality hybrid UV printer for their printing business. Which is the suitable hybrid UV printing machine that you won’t regret? 
Recently, YOTTA built a series of lightbox advertising with YOTTA’s hybrid UV printer, and it turns out that the printing effect is stunning. To show the print performance of the digital hybrid printer better, this series of advertising prints are produced with 3D effect, embossed effect and plane effect. We can see the superior printing effect from the following pictures:
lightbox advertising printing
lightbox advertising printing
YOTTA’s digital hybrid UV printers adopt industrial piezoelectric nozzles with internal heating system, which is convenient to printhead maintenance. In addition to 6-color printing, they still support white ink printing, through which can produce lots of special printing effects, such as the lightbox advertising prints that YOTTA made, delivering a more personalized and eye-catching result.
With UV LED curing system, Yotta digital UV printers cure UV inks fastly with very low heat and this make them has a suitable application in heat sensitive materials printing. The performance of these digital printing machine is so stable that it can work 24 hours continuously without damaging the service life of them. Employing negative pressure technology for UV ink supply system, the ink supply is smoother and you can adjust the negative pressure value to the actual humility according to the display instrument.
Besides, these hybrid UV inkjet printers also have lots of user-friendly designs of auxiliary functions. For example, if you are going to print a huge or overweight substrate, they can help you put it on or take it down easily. They also have the ability to organize the black area that you needn’t print and skip over it, improving the production efficiency.
YOTTA is a professional UV inkjet printer manufacturer in China with a highly experienced and skilled production and R & D team.  We aim to produce digital UV inkjet printers with zero defect for the users, offering UV printing solutions. 

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