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YOTTA hopes to meet you on SCGIA & FESPA CHINA 2016
2016-11-18 16:17:17

SCGIA & FESPA CHINA 2016 is going to be held on 21st November. As a famous UV printer manufacturer in Shenzhen, yotta has been invited to attend the exhibition with yotta’s powerful digital UV printing machines.

There will be four models of digital UV printing machines of YOTTA going to be displayed on the exhibition, including three models of UV flatbed printers and one model of hybrid UV printers. All of these printing machines deliver stunning print effects.


Model 1: YD-F2513R5 UV inkjet flatbed printer


YD-F2513R5 Ricoh Gen5 flatbed printer

YD-F2513R5 has been praised by many users since its’ launch. With 3-8pcs Ricoh Gen5 printheads, this Ricoh gen5 printer has a very stable performance and can working in a 24×7 printing mode. It delivers delicate prints with the resolution of 600×2400dpi, can be applied in a wide range of materials. 


Model 2: YD-F2513R4-35 heightening digital flatbed printer

YD-F2513R4-35 flatbed printer

With the maximum print thickness of 350mm, this flatbed printer is also praised by many users, especially the people who carry out the business of packaging printing, such as glass wine boxes printing, custom packaging boxes printing.


Model 3: YD-F3020R5 large format flatbed UV printer

YD-F3020 large format UV printer

With the large print area of 3000mm×2000mm and print resolution of 600×2400dpi, this large format UV printing machine is designed for high-end products printing. The machine has the function to load and upload super heavy substrates, easy to operate. 


Model 4: YD-H2600R5 hybrid UV printer

YD-H2600R5 hybrid UV printer

On the exhibition, YD-H2600R5 hybrid UV printer will appear with a new look. With the print width of 2600mm, this hybrid printer supports UV white printing, i.e., it has the ability to produce 3D, relief and many other special printing effects to enhance the display of the print. 



Address: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center

Time: 2016.11.21-23

Booth: hall 1, booth 1392

Subway Route:  http://www.pwtcexpo.com/UploadFiles/image/gzmetro.gif


Your arrival is always welcomed!

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