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What's the difference between UV flatbed printer and 3d printer
2016-05-05 16:21:29

UV flatbed printer as well as 3D printer is hot now. Both of them are digital printing machines, what is the difference between them?

3D, is the abbreviation of "Three Dimensions". It refers to three coordinate in Chinese. In our life, origin is one-dimensional, a point to a point called two-dimensional, three points with two points side by side each other called a three-dimensional, also 3d graphics. Using metal powder, plastic powder, and other materials directly, 3D printer print three-dimensional model purely. It simply is a molding device, generally used in hospitals, jewelry, various industries of making small-scale model equipment market.

UV flatbed printer, also called uv inkjet printing machine or large format UV printing machine, can print patterns of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional and relief effects on a variety of material. As long as you can input the design to computer, UV printer can print. The 3D patterns printed by digital UV printer is different from the patterns printed by 3D printer. The 3D design from UV printer,is based on color layering, and it gives us a feeling of visiual 3D drawing, let the pattern looks like the really. Three-dimensional relief pattern is piled up with white ink, it feels have stereo feeling, generally be used in panel and coil market of printing, color printing, textile printing, and painting ect.


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