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Why uv printer shoule be located and reset
2016-05-09 15:51:00

Every time the UV fltbed printer is turned on or off, printer system will be initialized. The initalization includes locating and reseting the UV printing head and print substrate, testing whether the cover of printer panel is closed, filling ink to cartridge and nozzles and cleaning print heads automatically. When turn on the printer through the power switch, the system can locate the print heads and substrate correctly by initialization, and print heads and substrate can be reset when uv flatbed printer is turned off. The initalization not only can guarantee the normal work of printer, reduce the rate of failure and eliminate hidden trouble, perlong life of UV printer, but also can reduce the costs of printing supplies and maintenance, greatly improve the work efficiency. If user drops the power plug to turn off the machine forcibly, and the print heads can not be reset, it is easy to cause the print heads positioning fault.

Here has a thing to draw user's attention, large format printer has a big frame and rollers, so the mobility is very strong. When plug power line, the line should be placed in the place that is not easy to meet, avoid UV flatbed printer shutdown inadvertently caused by power line dropped  rather than normal shutdown.

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