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What is a large format printing machine
2016-05-10 16:43:50

Large format printing machine generally refers to the printer which print format is large than the width of A3 paper. Such printing machines are mainly used in some special and professional fields, such as wedding photo studio, advertising design, AutoCAD, GIS, mechanical design and other.

According to the principle of printing, large format printers can be divided into ink jet printer, spray wax printer, laser printer. From the principle of printing, large format printers don not have much difference with common A4, A3 printers in office. The key difference is  a larger print format.

Large format inkjet printer can be divided into three types: on-demand inkjet, piezo inkjet, color thermal pressure. And from the basic technology  theory, it can divided into continuous inkjet technology and random ink-jet printing technology. On-demand inkjet as well as color  thermal pressure  belongs to random inkjet printing technology, piezoelectric inkjet belongs to continuous inkjet technology.

In a relatively long time, large format printers paid more attention to the print format and print speed, while ignoring the color in printing. However, color printing is becoming more and more popular, especially many of the studio  start to use large format printers to print large format photographs, therefore, the requirement of color effects are also getting higher and higher.

Take Yotta as a example, all the digital UV printers can use at least 7 colors. By using a variety of colors, make the image more luster, color more gorgeous and gradation  more abundant, so as to achieve a better printing effect.


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