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UV Vinyl Sticker Printing Machine
2017-01-05 17:28:26
Vinyl sticker is never out of date for its wide application with removable features. With the development of printing technology, now UV printing machine has become more and more popular for vinyl sticker printing. YOTTA YD-H3200R5 vinyl sticker printer produces outstanding UV printing, turning your sticker designs into fashion adornments.
custom vinyl sticker printing

Why choose YD-H3200R5 large UV printer for vinyl sticker?

1. YD-H3200R5 is a hybrid UV printer with the function of flatbed inkjet printing and coiled materials printing. With the large format print width of 3200mm, it is suitable for small size and large size vinyl sticker, such as car sticker, wallpaper sticker, vinyl banner, etc.
2. It is a 7 color optional printer. White ink and varnish printing capability of the YD-H3200R5 makes 3D, transparent and embossed effect accessible, meeting the needs to create vinyl stcker prints with a variety of highly creative images.
3.High print resolution of 600×2400dpi and high quality printing results. It can print out colorful, fadeless and durable image on vinyl sticker and other materials.
4. Adopting UV LED curing system so that the substrates can maintain the original structure, protecting the substrates from flexing and deforming for heat.
5. In addition to print onto vinyl stickers, you can also print onto banners, posters, decals, even other materials.
6.We provide professional inkjet printing solutions which are most suitable for customers and free operation skills training, site guidance to ensure customer can master the machine to make printing business more profitable.
YOTTA is a famous UV inkjet printer manufacturer in China, the digital printing machines we manufactured have been widely applied in various industries and YOTTA has received a lot of praise from customers. 
More about UV printing, welcome to visit http://www.yo-da.com.

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