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The key technologies of UV flatbed printer
2016-12-09 17:36:11
Digital UV flatbed printer is widely applied in a variety of industries, but do you know the key technologies of it? There are mainly four key technologies of digital flatbed ink-jet printers.
1. Print heads
We know that digital flatbed printing belongs to ink-jet printing. In China, the main types of nozzles are Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, Konica, etc. All these high-precision printheads are imported to China.
Now the mature nozzle basically uses the piezoelectric inkjet technology. The piezoelectric crystals have telescopic deformation under the change of voltage at both ends, and piezoelectric crystals in the ink chamber move driven by the electric signal, then pressure ink jet. The piezoelectric inkjet technology has the advantages of regular shape of ink droplets, no sputtering, ink droplet size and inkjet speed controllable and high precision imaging, etc., belongs to normal temperature and pressure ink jet technology.
2. Nozzle board technology
A technology that develop the appropriate board according the types and numbers of print nozzles. In general, the more high-end the nozzle is, the more technical barriers there are. Only the professional technical team can do it well. The more expensive nozzle requires higher technical content. This can explain why Ricoh print head is more expensive.
3. The hardware structure technology
This includes a lots of hardware of the printer, and different manufactures have different technologies. For example, YOTTA UV printers have the technologies of automatic measurement, water-cooled UV LED lamp, negative pressure system for ink supply, including structural stability technology, racks and so on. All these technologies are very important for digital printing.
4. Color software technology
UV flatbed printer work by being controlled by computer, and it needs to use printing software. With a good color software, it can be more realistic to restore the pattern color, reduce color difference and show richer color.
In addition to the nozzle, the other core technologies determine the price of UV flatbed printing machine together. This is why Ricoh printhead printer costs more. And don’t forget the board, color software and hardware configuration.
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