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How to buy a UV printing machine for advertising printing?
2016-12-28 17:32:58
Investment in a cost-effective UV printing machine has become a focus of many advertising production companies. With the continuous improvement of UV printing technology and the high cost of solvent inkjet printer, coupled with the country to vigorously promote environmental protection, therefore, digital UV ink jet printer naturally become the inevitable choice of printing companies.
YOTTA UV flatbed printing machine
So, how advertising printing factories choose a UV printing machine?
First of all, select the trustworthy UV printer manufacturer
Some UV printing equipment manufacturers only to assemble machines without the ability to research and development. In this situation, it is likely to encounter some difficult problems in the use process. Therefore, choose a manufacture with R&D capabilities is a guarantee for the smooth use of the machine.
Second, try to have proofing test with a variety commonly used materials
Mainly to see the printing color, resolution, color fastness, white ink printing ability, light transmittance and so on of the printing machine.
Third, choose the UV printing equipment with suitable size according to your customer’s status quo
Generally in the same configuration, the large the print area of the equipment, the higher the price. Therefore, do not blindly think that the bigger is the better in the procurement process. But buy the suitable one suitable. 
Fourth, the support of manufacturers 
In general, UV printer manufacturers will provide some support to customers. It is obvious that the more support manufacturer provide, the greater the help for customers.  Therefore, it is better to choose a UV printing equipment brand which will provide more support.
Fifth, refer to users’ word of mouth
When choose a UV inkjet printing machine, especially a expensive one, be sure to do enough survey of users’ word of mouth. In the past, we buy UV printer only depends entirely on the sales staff and our own intuition. But after many years of use, whether the brand can be come out soon. 
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