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Products About D.PES Exhibition
2015-03-17 10:00:39

Products About D.PES Exhibition

Yueda Printing Technology’s Advertisement Exhibition information:

Product: UV flatbed inkjet printers

Time: March 6th – March 9th ,2015

Exhibition Booth Number: Hall 4th D30, second floor.

Area: 91 square meters.

Exhibition Address: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo

Exhibition Name: 2015 the 6th D.PES Guangzhou International Advertisement Exhibition   

Details of YOTTA exhibition products:

YOTTA UV flatbed printers are high tech digital print equipment which free from contact with objects. They can directly ink jet print onto any medium, such as wood, glass, crystal, PVC sheet, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, textile, etc. With UV inknet printers, we need not to make templates or chromatography, the printed colors are bright and the effect is lifelike. The prints are waterproof and wearable, the colors won’t be faded. The machine is easy to be operated with high print speed. Compared to traditional printing, it can print only one piece with low cost, meeting the specialized needs of the clients. Providing comprehensive service for users, UV printers is definitely your best choice when starting your business or expanding production!

YD2513 UV flatbed printer

All the components of YOTTA YD2513 UV flatbed printer are imported and the quality is really good. With YOTTA’s excellent industrial design and its strong technical capacity, the printer’s thickness is up to 340mm, and this is far ahead of the enterprises in the same line. The advanced equipment, superior assembly crafts and strict quality control make this flatbed UV printing machine become the classical model with high printing effect, long lifetime and low malfunction rate.

YOTTA YD1325 UV inkjet printer

YOTTA YD1325 UV printer adopts EPSON’s original DX5 Dual-nozzles, the image resolution is up to 2880*1440dpi. The printing speed doubled when the precision of the printing is also ensured, it achieves the perfect combination of speed and accuracy!

The whole steel structure makes YD1325 extremely durable, all the imported high quality components greatly reduce the malfunction rate. The lifetime of the machine has definitely been lengthened.

YOTTA YD2518 UV printing machine is specially designed and developed for large format printing. It can print onto varies large substrates such as wood, marble, large movable door, large background wall etc. The printing speed is up to 21 square meters per hour! The stable performance, reliable quality , high print resolution and fast print speed are the magic weapons of this printing equipment. It is your preferred option when printing onto large size substrates since it achieves high efficient, clear, material saved, wearable and stable at the same time!

YD6090 flatbed UV printer

YD6090 UV printer has a superior print resolution of up to 2880*1440 dpi and the printed images are as vivid as photos. Even put the print below the magnifier, it still looks perfect. With the Diamond-level dual UV printing heads and the printing area of 600*900mm, it is the printer with lowest malfunction rate and the most competitive price. A good choice when starting your business!

YD1510 UV printing machine adopts EPSON’s newest original dual printing heads, it can directly print onto wood, glass, metal, slate, paper, acrylic, textile and many other substrates as well with the size of 1500*1000mm. Users can choose to update the different configurations according to their own needs, so the cost performance can be improved. We choose high quality components, adopt superior R&D technique and strictly inspect the quality of the products. In that way the printer’s lifetime can be lengthened and the quality can be improved. And you can use it without worrying!


YD-F2512KC UV printer adopts advanced KONIC 1024 industrial sprinkler head; it can print onto kinds of medium with the size of 2500*1250mm and can be used for industrial production with large printing size or heavy workload. The use of dual UV lights improves the ink solidify process, so the working time can be saved a lot. The security design of whole steel structure make the product more reliable; the mute rail significantly decrease the noise of working; and the auto-control function enable the machine to automatically detect the thickness of medium and put them in the right place. The operating becomes more simple and convenient.

Yueda printing techology company(YOTTA)

Yueda Printing Technology(YOTTA) is a professional UV printer manufacturer in China, who provides complete production, sales, marketing and customer support service. YOTTA has rich experiences in UV flatbed printers, the hardworking of all the personnel and the feedback from thousands clients, confirm the truth that Yueda Printing Technology is trustworthy!

Welcome to visit our exhibition booth and you will find what you want!

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