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FAQs of UV flatbed printer for novice users
2013-05-18 15:31:45

For the firends that have never contacted with a UV flatbed printer, it is excited to operate it but don't know how to do. Some failures or the less-than-ideal printing effect often make them feel nervous and worried for they don't know how to solve. Here, YOTTA lists some FAQs and solutions for our customers and those friends who are novice users of UV flatbed printer to learn the reference.

1. Where should I add the uv printer ink, and how much?
A: There will be a lot of customers that are impatient to add ink after receive machine, without reading instruction manual and watching operation video carefully.  And the ink is supplied to the small cartridge. Some customers think that it should be filled up. YOTTA is responsible to tell you these are all wrong.

First of all, we can see the special symbol ink, open the door and we can see a row of ink bottle, where the ink should be added from. Please note that don't fill the ink bottle up, just a half of it. Because the continuous supply catridges principle is different from refilled ink cartridges', if you fill it up, UV ink can not be supplied to small cartridge for no pressure, and it is easy to appear ink drop phenomenon when printing.
Please pay attention to ink adding order and don't make mistakes.

2. Is the two hole in the ink bottle all need to be plugged?
A: One is the ink adding hole, plug it after adding printer ink. Another is venthole and needn't be blocked.

3.The platform of UV flatbed printer is so long, how to locate the print objects?
A: Many customers are anxious to start printing with excitement after adding ink. But they are at a loss where to put the materials facing the printer paltform. Actually, if you read the user manual or watched video carefully, you will find some contents in particular about how to print coordinate lines, and with x, y  coordinates, you can set the output coordinates in the relevant drawing software, make the pattern accurately in the corresponding region. If you are not familiar with the drawing software, you can contact the after sales department to get remote assistance guidance.

4. During the boot process or after print command is issued, why the middle of the two lights flashing at the same time?
A: This is the most common problem for a UV printer novice, generally for the following reason:
a. Power off, did not notice the platform was outside, and subsequent boot error.
b. Send the print command when the platform is still outside.
Both the above two cases are because the universal printer platform is not in the initial position. Therefore, we must confirm the position of platform.
c. There are still a number of print tasks in the computer.
Solution: Start Menu - computer printers and fax: double-click the printer icon - delete all of the print job
d. Software settings error
In this case, carefully read the instructions, set the correct print options in the relevant drawing software step by step .


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