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How should we do if the ink adhesion is not good?
2019-04-22 11:29:25


Nowadys, uv flatbed printer market is prosperous. The reason why uv flatbed printers are well received by the market, which is that they can print high precision, work stable performance, operate easily and apply for wide application industry. But there are some problems in the process of using uv printers. Today, the topic is that “ how to deal with it when the adhesion of printing is not good”. Let's take a look together.


First of all, to konw the reasons that affect the adhesion. In other words, the coating is easy to fall off. The main role of coating in the printing industry is to strengthen ink adhension,which makes the color ink penetrate into the medium very well, in order to achieve long-time bright, realistic, non-fading, waterproof and scratch-resistant effects.

Poor adhesion is a very troublesome thing. The printed pattern is easy to fall off. Even if the printing effect is good, there is no shelf life and practicality. There are six reasons for this: temperature and humidity, ink deterioration, printing materials, uv lamp, Printing speed, cleaner residue.



When the working environment is too low, especially in the winter, the printing produces is easy to cracking and falling off. In order to avoid the ink adhesion is not good due to temperature, it is best to install air conditioners in the workshop so that the indoor temperature is not lower than 15 °C.  At the same time, it should be avoided in a humid environment. When the humidity in the air exceeds 70%, the moisture easily condenses on the printed material, resulting in poor adhesion.

2.Ink deterioration

uv ink yotta

General, the life-time of ink is one year. When it is improperly stored, it is easy to shorten the life-time of the uv ink. After opening the cap and discovering precipitation, condensation, etc., it is necessary to replace the new uv ink immediately.

Want to know more about Uv ink, go to the page: Does the UV printer really need to use factory original uv ink?

3.Printing Material

Different types of uv inks are used in different materials, some require hard uv ink, and some require soft uv ink. Moreover, different materials have different requirements on coatings, such as metal coating, tile/glass coating, PVC coating, PP coating, ABS coating etc.. Please consult uv flatbed printer manufacturer if you don’t know which kind ink and coating are suitable for your materials.

4.Uv Lamp

When the power of the uv lamp is too low, the UV ink will not cure completely on the surface of the material. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the power of the uv lamp. If it is not enough after increase the power of the uv lamp, it is necessary to replace the high power of uv lamp.

5.Printing speed faster

When the uv flatbed printer prints high speed model, the uv light will shines for a short time so that the ink drying is not complete. It needs to properly reduce the speed of printing, so that this problem can be solved.

6.Cleaner residue

Some materials need to be cleaned with a cleaner to keep them clean and static. It is best to wait until the cleaning solution is dry before printing with a uv flatbed printer.

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