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What problems does the UV flatbed printer solve for the printing industry?
2019-10-11 10:46:52

UV flatbed printers have been developed in the market for many years. I believe that the printing industry is very familiar with it. YOTTA printers use inkjet technology to spray ink onto materials to form patterns, which breaks the bottleneck of traditional digital printing technology. Therefore, It has made a lot of contributions to the printing industry and solved many problems for the color printing industry.

yotta printer - YD-F2513R5 UV flatbed printing equipment

1. Process simplified and cost reduced

Traditional silk screen printing, transfer printing and other printing process procedures are complex, film, color register, plate making, etc. are time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, uv flatbed printer, as long as the material is placed on the equipment table, the computer can start printing. It is easy to operate and requires only one person to control. Also can reduce the printing cost of every square meter.


2.Wider variety of applications

High-precision images can be printed on the surface of the object. Suitable materials are: acrylic, wood, stone, leather, crystal glass, porcelain, various plastic products and various high value-added products. Traditional printing can only be used to print on soft materials such as paper and cloth. Both soft and hard materials can be printed by uv flatbed printer.


3. Better effect

Compared with the traditional process, the UV flatbed printer has advantages of high image precision, true color reproduction, natural gradient transition, wide printing media, simple digital operation, small footprint, etc. to achieve a perfect color over-extension. A large number of customers apply to the processing of high-end products, replacing the original offset printing, flex, gravure, silk screen printing and other printing processes.


4. The product is thicker

Traditional printing can only print thin material, and uv flat printing can print 100mm products normally, and we have machines can print up to 400mm. Three-dimensional product printing is no longer a problem. In actual production, according to different materials, once the corresponding coating treatment is done. You can start printing.


5. Irregular material

Traditional printing is limited to regular products, uv flat printing can be printed on a variety of special-shaped products, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, paper, high drop and other products printing preferred technology.


6. Rich color configuration

UV flatbed printer can provide more professional color configuration solutions for different industries, wide range of applications and far-reaching market prospects. The configuration mode is: Color white, color white embossed, color white varnish, color white embossed varnish.

The UV flatbed printer is still innovating, breaking through and constantly improving its technology. I believe that there will be more fields involved in the near future, and Yotta will do its best to make more contributions to the printing industry,and lead the flatbed printer moving toward higher level.

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