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  • Glass printing
  • Leather printing samples
  • Plastic Printing Digital UV printing machine has made a great contribution on home decoration.   In the area of plastic printing, plastic tablecloth printing is a obvious application. Because digital UV printer is no limit to the printed number and one piece printing doesn’t have an impact on its low costs, it is very ideal for personalized prints. On the other hand, for mass public printing, there are roll to roll printer and digital hybrid printer which can print on flat and rolled materials. The two types of printing machine deliver a large print width and infinite print length. Equipped with industrial inkjet print heads, they can applied in fast industrial printing. In addition, we have introduced a heightening flatbed printer model with a maximum print thickness of 340mm. It greatly expands the field of digital UV printing. For example, direct printing onto child stools, toys, custom keyboards, mouses and so on. 
  • Marble Printing Digital flatbed UV printer is also called universal printer in China for it can print on almost all kinds of materials. In addition to the media we see often, for example glass, it can even inkjet print on marble and stone with high quality.   With a flatbed marble printing machine, you can print any of your own design to re-decoration the marble with your preferences. As we can see from the printing samples, we can print art, photos and any other results you want, such as marble background with embossed effect, wood grain effect printing on marble, logos, totems and so on.
  • Textile Printing   YOTTA digital textile printing machine has a wide application. With a print width of 1800mm, YOTTA textile printer is suitable for high speed printing on cotton, fiber, silk, nylon, polyester and so on, covering almost all cloth printing. It can print bag, pillow, sofa, blanket, sheet, tablecloth, curtain an so on. Using special textile ink, environmental and non-polluted, it is a uv equipment to replace the traditional printing machinery. The images printed by our digital textile printer are washable, weatherability, abrasion. Its high print efficiency sample direct-to-media digital printing technology make it meet the requirement of mass production.      
  • Wood Printing Our digital flatbed UV printers deliver high-quality direct-to-media printing onto wood boards. The wood prints can be applied in various field, such as signs, crafts, wood art, folding screen , furniture, cupboard an so on.   With white ink printing function, dark materials can be printed with YOTTA UV printing machines. In addition to printing background, white ink can be printed in many other ways, producing lots of special effects such as 3D and relief, making prints look more layer-rich and natural, ideal for custom craft printing and advertising.         YOTTA high-resolution printers can create fine art prints with wood boards. The products are delicate and colorful with 6 color UV ink printing. YOTTA Ricoh printhead series adopts Ricoh prin heads with 7-35pl variable droplet printing, small ink droplet makes transition more smoothly, and big ink droplet can speed up the production. It is more flexible to print and improve efficiency.   In addition to wood, the applications of our digital UV printers cover almost all materials, see more at: http://www.yo-da.com. 
  • Ceramic Printing Large format ceramic printed with YOTTA digital UV LED flatbed printer. Our flatbed printers support  6+2(White ink, varnish) printing, delivering unparallel results on almost all kind of materials.      From the pictures, we can see that the images printed seem to be drawn directly with a brush. The effects are very natural and lifelike. They are more like a painting than a print, and this is what we pursue.  
  • Metal Printing Metal printed with YOTTA flatbed UV printer. The pattern printed is colorful and bright. It can be used for  furniture, metal door, metal equipment surface and so on. The images are weather-resistant and abrasion resistant.   U disk printing samples. Company logo, slogan, and other text and images can be printed onto prizes, gifts and so on.   Metal furniture panel printing. In addition to metal materials, PVC, plastic, wood and many other media also can be printed.    Color gradient effect printing of metal. Our digital printing machines deliver unparallel printing results with various special effects, such as wood effect printing on ceramic, relief effect, fully meeting the needs of custom printing.
  • Phone Case Printing      UV flatbed printing machines have been widely applied in many industrials. Cell phone case printing is a typical application among them. We can create lovely or characteristic patterns that we like on these small surfaces with a digital UV printer to demonstrate our taste. 3D, embossed effects and lifelike images can be printed with white ink and varnish.

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