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Metal Printing

Metal Printing
2015-03-14 14:09:07

Metal Printing

Metal printed with YOTTA flatbed UV printer. The pattern printed is colorful and bright. It can be used for  furniture, metal door, metal equipment surface and so on. The images are weather-resistant and abrasion resistant.


metal U disk printing - YOTTA printer

U disk printing samples. Company logo, slogan, and other text and images can be printed onto prizes, gifts and so on.


Metal furniture panel printing - YOTTA

Metal furniture panel printing. In addition to metal materials, PVC, plastic, wood and many other media also can be printed. 


metal printing with color gradient effect - YOTTA UV printer

Color gradient effect printing of metal. Our digital printing machines deliver unparallel printing results with various special effects, such as wood effect printing on ceramic, relief effect, fully meeting the needs of custom printing.

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