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Plastic Printing

Plastic Printing
2015-06-17 15:12:29

Plastic Printing

Digital UV printing machine has made a great contribution on home decoration.  

In the area of plastic printing, plastic tablecloth printing is a obvious application. Because digital UV printer is no limit to the printed number and one piece printing doesn’t have an impact on its low costs, it is very ideal for personalized prints. On the other hand, for mass public printing, there are roll to roll printer and digital hybrid printer which can print on flat and rolled materials. The two types of printing machine deliver a large print width and infinite print length. Equipped with industrial inkjet print heads, they can applied in fast industrial printing.

Print on plastic, Yueda Printing

In addition, we have introduced a heightening flatbed printer model with a maximum print thickness of 340mm. It greatly expands the field of digital UV printing. For example, direct printing onto child stools, toys, custom keyboards, mouses and so on. 

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