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YOTTA introduces YD-F2513KJ high-quality flatbed UV printer
2017-02-06 16:52:56
Several months after the introduction of YD-F3020R5 large format flatbed printer, new high-quality flatbed UV printer YD-F2513KJ is launched in these day. And we can predict that it will be one of the hot digital printing machine models.
YOTTA YD-F2513KJ high-quality flatbed UV printer
YD-F2513KJ is developed to print on a variety of substrates within 2500mm*1300mm size. 3-8pcs high-resolution KYOCERA print heads equipped allow it to print very fine patterns. KYOCERA is a high-speed industrial printhead with internal heating function to keep the constancy of ink viscosity, single nozzle can print 40,000 droplet per second, overall one head can print over 100 million droplet per second, print resolution up to 635*2400dpi. This large format UV printing machine adopts precisely and strong metal-made grating ruler. Plus media positing device for more convenient and accurate position and printing , the printing error can be controlled to an extremely small range. Besides, it has two negative pressure system in secondary ink cartridge to control white ink and color ink separately, so to ensure a smooth printing process and outstanding printing effect.
YD-F2513KJ can be used to directly inkjet printing onto various materials, including rigid and flexible media, such as glass, ceramic, metal plate, PVC, plastic, leather and so on. In addition to printing factory, it is also very suitable for small workshop to create their personal printing business covering from building material printing, home decoration printing to personalized printing, packaging printing and more. According to the actual needs, there are three print mode optional, and under high speed mode, it can achieve 484 sq.ft/h, meeting most fast production requirements. 
YD-F2513KJ flatbed UV printer delivers 6+2(White, Varnish) excellent printing to achieve more lifelike and colorful printing, to fully restore the original design and show a high-end prints. It will make its debut in February on DPES Sign & LED Expo China 2017. Stay tuned!
YOTTA is a famous digital UV printer manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. The UV inkjet printing machines we developed and manufactured have been sold to many countries around the world. More about large format UV printing technology: http://www.yo-da.com

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