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Which operations will break the printhead of the UV printer
2019-06-22 16:47:17

UV printer head can be used for a long time if maintained correctly, but because of some incorrect operations, the printhead service life is greatly reduced. After a long period of experiences, Yotta summed up several possible operations which maybe damage the printhead , reminding customers to pay attention to daily maintenance.


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1. Add different batches of ink at will, or use ink or cleaning liquid with poor quality.

Mixing two different types of ink will change the color and ink quality, poor quality ink will affect the printing effect and clog the printhead, and the poor qualitycleaning liquid may corrode the printhead.

2. Install and disassemble the UV printer circuit at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the total power supply.

This behavior can damage the service life of each system and endanger the printhead.

3. Clean the printhead with a high pressure air gun.

If the printhead is slightly clogged, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, and then carefully clean it.

4. Using ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean printhead for a long time.

In fact, if usually pay attention to printhead maintenance, there is no need ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic will have a negative impact on the printhead.

5. Failure to pay attention to the safety of ground wire equipment.

The printing of uv printer is affected by static electricity, so it is necessary to check the connection of the ground wire equipment and sprinkle a little salt water around the ground regularly.

6. Soak the whole printhead in the cleaning liquid.

 Cleaning liquid has some corrosion, so generally only a little bit inject into the printhead for cleaning.

7. Clean the printhead with your own non-quality inspection product.

printhead is easy to be polluted and worn, so please use manufacturer designated products and products with quality inspection to clean printhead.

8. Failure to pay attention to the protection of circuit boards and other internal systems during cleaning.

Please turn off the power while cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the circuit board and other internal systems.

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