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Resolution of FLatbed UV Inkjet Printer
2015-05-08 15:25:30
To discuss this topic, we should first know what the resolution of flatbed UV inkjet printer is.
As we all know, computers and mobile phones have their own resolutions, UV inkjet printers also have print resolutions, which also be called as output resolutions. 
Print resolution of flatbed UV printer refers to the maximum number of individual dots that can be placed in a line within the span of 1 inch in horizontal and vertical directions, and the term "DPI"(Dot Per Inch) is the descriptive word of resolutions. 
Horizontal resolution of flatbed UV inkjet printer is usually higher than the vertical one, take 1440*720 dpi as an example, it means 1440 dots are printed in horizontal direction and 720 dots are printed in vertical direction.
Printers with higher DPI produce clearer and more detailed output. For current market, more and more high precision printings are required, and we should not only take print speed but also print quality into consideration. For a photo printing, a decent resolution means bright color and smooth gradation. So we can conclude that print resolution of flatbed UV inkjet printer greatly influences printing effects.
Then here comes the question, is it true that the higher the resolution is, the better the result we get? 
In fact, when it comes to printing, a higher resolution does not mean everything. Actual situations should be counted in. 
For example, when we set the print resolution as 2880*2880 dpi, theoretically 2880 dots of ink will be placed per inch, but the material may have absorbed too many inks and the ink blurs and decreases the print quality. So, print resolution also has connection with materials, if the material cannot support the highest print resolution, the adjacent ink dots will blend and mix together. 
Providing we do need high resolutions, coating is a good assistant. One function of coating is ink absorption. Ink dots can be perfectly represented on coatings and the higher the DPI is, the more detailed images be printed. Just make sure coating's quality is fine and it is suitable for the printer.
Resolution of a flatbed UV inkjet printer is an important indication of print qualities. To some extent, it determines output qualities of printer and final print images.

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