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Photo Frames Printing
2015-05-08 11:44:57
Photo frames are common in our lives, which are mainly used in keeping photos or decorative painting. As people's living standards are developing at a rapid rate, their requirements to lives are also much higher than previous days. Regarding to modern house decoration, DIY photo frames become an important part of it and photo frames UV printer enjoys its popularity in the markets.
Materials like woods, metals, acrylics and more are often applied to photo frames. The surface of such materials is smooth and good-looking, however, embellishments of photo frames are necessary in order to meet demands of people's pursuits of fashion and tastes.
Traditional methods of photo frames' embellishments include screen printing, stickers and hand-paintings. As we know, costs of screen printing is not that effective and multicolors cannot be achieved, stickers are nice but also fragile, and hand painting is time-consuming.
For those reasons, traditional ways can no longer satisfy us. Effectiveness, convenience and personalized production with small quantities are what we really need.
Photo frames UV printer of YOTTA can perfectly solve the problems mentioned above and is capable of delivering high quality images with bold colors. It is a high tech digital inkjet printing equipment which can print colorful images onto any flexible or rigid materials in one time, on matter the images are simple, or sophisticated. These features significantly enhance its market competitiveness. Some main strong points of YOTTA photo frames UV printer are as below:
1. Minimum print quantity downs to one piece, film and plate making are not required. It can simultaneously print kinds of patterns onto a wide array of substrates. With matching templates, mass production can also be achieved.
2. It supports virtually widest range of materials, from textile, leather, synthetic fabrics to wood, plastic, metal and so much more. The print thickness is up to 340mm.
3. It produces smooth gradations and exceptional solid colors, excellent photographic reproduction with high precision can be accomplished.
4. High printing speed and easy access to operation.
5. High quality UV ink and UV curing system enable graphics dry fast and offer outstanding long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance.
UV flatbed inkjet printers of YOTTA help people bring imagination into real life. Only the machines with humane operating methods and high controllable performance can fit in the market.

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