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Leather Bag Printing
2015-04-15 15:34:13

Ladies with bags can be seen everywhere in the streets. The styles and designs of bags are numerous and all of them have their own characteristics. Some ladies pursue individualities and buy bags with special printing images they love, which promotes the rapid development of individual leather bag printing industry. The UV flatbed printing machine for leather of YOTTA is a wise choice for leather bag printing.

Shopping is the nature of women and they highly love bags, especially when they encounter the leather bags with eye-catching images, the impulse of buying them emerges. The UV flatbed leather printing machines of YOTTA are capable of delivering leather bags with stunning images.


UV leather bag printing

YOTTA UV leather printing machine is also called as leather printer or flatbed UV printer. It is high-tech digital inkjet printing equipment that can print colorful images onto most substrates including flexible or rigid material with irregular shapes. Unlike traditional screen printing technology which is only suitable for single pattern printing with large quantities, it is able to print simple or complicated color images in one time and perfectly meet the demands of mass productions of various industries.

UV leather printing machine has the following features:

1. Minimum print quantity is one piece. No plates and no films. Low costs. Can print different images in one time and achieve individuation purpose. Print with small or large quantities.

2. Delivering an unprecedented range of media compatibility and the print thickness is up to 340mm.

3. Producing photographic images with smooth gradations and exceptional solid colors.

4. High printing speed and easy to operate.

5. Graphics dry fast and offers outstanding long-term outdoor durability, scratch and UV resistance.

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