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Inspections Before UV Printer Operation
2015-03-19 10:08:37

UV flatbed printer is a high tech digital inkjet printing equipment applied to various industries. It supports a wide range of media printing and delivers detailed images with bright color as well as photorealistic effect. Since digital UV printers are high precision equipments, regular inspections are needed before it starts to work so that we can better protect and maintain the machine and lengthen its lifetime. What aspects of the machine should be checked? Here Yueda Printing Technology(YOTTA) will give some advices:

1. Whether the lubricating oil of guide rail is enough to ensure the movement of small ink car. If the lubricating oil is in shortage, the printing speed would be slowed down and the printing effect is not so good.

2. Whether the small damper is perfectly connected with print heads.

3. Whether the encoder strip is completely clean. The stains on encoder strip may lead to the printer fail to distinguish the calibration and printing malfunction appears.

4. To check is there any ink exists under the LED curing lamp. If there is, wipe it with alcohol and clean the surface of curing lamp regularly.

5. Whether the head data cable is stained with ink. If it is, clean it timely. If ink has already flowed into or rotted the cable, replace it before use the printer.

6. After the inspections mentioned above are done, test the machine's working status with printer test paper. We can know whether the nozzles are blocked with the test paper. Every single short line of the paper corresponds to a nozzle, when the lines of strip are fuzzy or missed, the print head need to be washed and cleaned.

7. Ensure the media is well placed so the print head won't be scratched or damaged.

With regular inspection and maintenance, the lifetime of UV flatbed printer will be lengthened and the production can be ensured.

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