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Sign-Printing Industry
2015-03-25 09:32:08

Engraving technique is a treasure of China, it has been long mastered by Chinese people and been developed up to a super high level after thousands of years evolution and research. It is widely applied to various industries, and carving signs are the very representative ones.


At present, non-metallic materials are generally used in the engraved signs, such as acrylic color plates. The advantage of engraved signs lies in its well performance in durability and resistance to discoloration. However, with the roaring development of the world and the continuous increasing of technique and material species, engraved signs can't satisfies the needs of us anymore and it is gradually being replaced by print signs. In sign-printing industry, YOTTA multifunction flatbed UV printer is your good choice!


Yueda Printing Technology(YOTTA)is a professional manufacturer who offers a wide array of unrivalled quality flatbed UV printers and the most comprehensive services as well as supports for you with skilled and experienced technical team. Here are some outstanding merits of our UV multi-function flatbed printers:


1. It can print on virtually any substrates. It delivers an unprecedented range of media compatibility and print quality.

2. Multi-color printing, flawlessly smooth gradations and super fine details, bright color and unexpected relief effect, what’s more, chromatography is unnecessary.

3. Minimum printing quantity downs to one piece, costs are reduced and it completely meets the individual requirements.

4. High printing speed, ink dries once the printing is completed.

5. Offering outstanding long-term durability, scratch resistance and wearable, waterproof and eco-friendly.


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