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Achieve High Productivity With YOTTA Ultra Large Hybrid UV Flatbed Printer
2018-03-31 15:31:01

YOTTA launched ultra wide format hybrid flatbed printer YD-H5000KJ with 5.0m large print width, which can help you achieve high productivity, obviously shorten your delivery time, with high quality printing results.

As a UV printer for the purpose of increasing productivity, YD-H5000KJ hybrid printer adopts Kyocera KJ4A industrial printhead which has larges print width of 112.35mm and 30KHZ ignition frequency. Its can print 144² per hour in high speed mode. With its 5.0 meter print width, you can print several roll flexible materials at the same time. For example, print 2 roll wallpaper of 2.5m width, print 3 roll advertising banner of 1.5m.

YD-H5000KJ ultra large hybrid UV flatbed printer

Due to it super large format, YD-H5000KJ is ideal for wallpaper, floor sticker, advertising banner, billboard, car sticker and so on, covering a wide range of applications. Presenting outstanding printing with 635×2400dpi, It fully meets the printing quality of various industries.

In printing inks, this large hybrid UV flatbed printer can print C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm and white ink. Therefore, it is able to produce colorful print products. Special effects, such as 3D and embossed, can be created to achieve more lifelike and attractive results, meeting various image effect demands of home decoration, packaging, promotion and advertising. It employs UV LED lamp to get the UV ink curing more efficient and outstanding, also save lots of energy for its owner.

applications of YD-H5000KJ large format hybrid printer

In addition to high speed, excellent printing quality, the working performance of YD-H5000KJ hybrid flatbed is also remarkable. It can work continuously for long time with low trouble rate, allowing 24×7 nonstop production. This means that it can still continue to work and work automatically when you are at rest. This is the flexibility it brings in other aspects.

Maybe some beginners would say, “It is too difficult for me to operate such a large machine.” In fact, on the contrary, it is not hard at all. It is just a machine, not a dinosaur, and it is equipped with many intelligent functions which makes it more easy-to-use. Besides, we provides free technical training. Even entry-level can operate it easily after a short training.

With YD-H5000KJ large hybrid UV flatbed printer, you don’t have to worry about the printing quality, productivity and working performance, and it will be a powerful weapon in your business.

We are professional UV printing equipment manufacturer with over 8 years rich R&D and sales experience, owning the UV printer brand "YOTTA". More about UV printing, visit our website or contact us.

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