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YD-R5000KJ Roll to Roll UV Printer

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  • YD-R5000KJ Roll to Roll UV Printer

Product Abstract:

5M uv roll to roll print machine, faster speed and higher print resolution with Kyocera heads, print CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink and varnish

Product Description


With 5M print width, YOTTA YD-R5000KJ UV roll to roll digital printer delivers full-color large format inkjet printing with CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink printing capability. UV-LED curing system achieves efficient ink curing.

Adopting high-end industrial Kyocera KJ4A printheads, fast speed and high resolution are its prominent advantages. This roll to roll machine has a maximum print resolution of 635×2400dpi. Featured with 4pl droplet printing, It is able to print out extremely delicate images with natural color transition. No matter it is applied to wallpaper, PVC film, canvas, vinyl, or other flexible materials, YOTTA YD-R5000KJ roll to roll printer can simplify your workflow and fully meet your requirements.


Applicable Materials


Vinyl, canvas, banner,plastic film, PVC, etc.



Wallpaper, car sticker, floor sticker, advertising, canvas wall art, etc


Features of YD-R5000KJ uv roll to roll digital printer



High resolution & Fast Speed


  • Adopting 2-8pcs Kyocera industrial print head featured 4pl variable droplet printing and 30KHZ ignition frequency, YD-R5000KJ RTR digital printer presents high print resolution of 635×2400 DPI. Its print speed is obviously faster for its large print head width and high ignition frequency.

  • Printer frame made by five-axis machining center, ensure the high precision of the whole machine.
  • Use special marble flat scale to debug lead rail straightness (within 0.02mm) and parallelism (0.01mm), to achieve accurate moving of carriage.


Stable and reliable


  • High-temperature tempering treated integral steel frame structure, which will not deform during long-distance transport and handling.

  • By using double rail steel frame beam structure, the carriage is more stable, achieving faster and smooth printing.
  • The beam and the whole frame are made by a large five-axis machining center, one-time processed, ensure high precision.
  • The YD-R5000KJ uv printer employs metal grating ruler, deliver high precision while printing in high speed.


User-friendly easy operation designs


  • Automatic media thickness measurement function;

  • Mute guide to effectively reduce noise;
  • Safety protection grating design to protect machine and personnel safety.
  • Double negative pressure system for color ink and white ink separately, delivering more stable ink supply.


Environmentally friendly


  • YD-R5000KJ roll to roll digital printer use eco-friendly UV ink which is VOC free, meeting environmental standards;


Sustainable economy


  • LED-UV ink curing system which has longer service life, compared to mercury lamp curing, no excess heat, energy-saving, also efficient.

  • Variable ink droplet printing can effectively reduce ink consumption;
  • High-end Kyocera inkjet printhead, low trouble rate and long lifetime, it also can be used in mass production.
  • High quality accessories, reduce the cost of printer maintenance and parts replacement.

Technical Data




Print head

Kyocera KJ4A grey level piezo printhead

Printhead quantity

2-8pcs(4-7 colors optional)

Print width

5000mm (16.7ft)

Print thickness

Up to 50mm (2in)

Print resolution

635 × 2400 dpi

Print speed mode

High speed mode; Normal mode; High resolution mode

Material type

roll to toll material

Ink color

C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White ink,Varnish

Ink type

Eco-friendly UV curable ink (No VOC), Disperse (optional)

RIP software


Input format


Printer weight


Power requirement

220V/AC(±10%), 50/60HZ; 6KW

Printer size

8600mm[L] × 2300mm[W] × 1900mm[H] (28.2ft×7.6ft×6.3ft)

Package size

8720mm[L] × 2450mm[W] × 2000mm[H] (28.6ft×8ft×6.6ft)

Working environment

Separate,little sunlight,ventilated workshop. Temperature: 18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉)   

Humidity: 30%~70%(Non-condensing)  

Ventilation equipment:Suggest Overhead exhaust fan,displacement 600 cfm

Packing and delivery

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