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YD-F2550SG Special Digital Glass Printer -YOTTA
2019-07-12 15:09:08

For most artic glass printing, the traditional printer is used. But this kind of glass printing cannot last long outdoor. Normally it can keep about 3-5 years and then the colors will fade.

different types of glass printing

Now the color-faded fault has been resolved by Yotta, the printer manufacture in China. Yotta’s special digital glass printer, YD-F2550SG designed by the experts from USA, prints special glass ink. When printing artic glass, you should use this kind of machine. It is equipped with 6 print heads. There are 6 colors for the special glass ink, which are green, black, cyan, magenta, yellow and white. When finish printing, the glass must undergo the tempering process, during which time the glass ink fuse permanently with the glass. That’s why the colors will never fade outdoor.

printing on different types of glass

This kind of artic glass can be used for advertisements, building, windows, ceilings, screen, tables , doors, shop window and home decoration etc. For more information and advantages, please contact Yotta.

Email: inquriy@yottaprinter.com

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