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What should we do if the uv flatbed printer produces some unusual odors during printing?
2019-09-10 09:47:26

Nowadays, more and more people buy uv flatbed printers. YOTTA UV printers have been accepted by more and more people. It is obvious that the role of UV flatbed printers in the market is getting more and more prominent! But some customers are confused, what should we do when the uv flatbed printer produces some unusual odour during printing? Will it affect the health? Today Shenzhen Yueda Printing Technology Co., Ltd. gives a brief answer to this question. Uv ink is not toxic after curing, relatively environmentally friendly, but not It is harmless. For printing operators, it is necessary to pay attention to preventive measures during work with masks, gloves, etc., because uv ink contains chemical components, and the worse the quality of the ink, the stronger the taste. So we suggest customer buy some high quality ink.

The reason is as follows:

1.LED UV curing lamp will produce slight ozone during the irradiation. This odour is lighter and less, and it is difficult to smell..

2.Different materials will be cracked out of the relevant chemical substances by the environment, resulting in a pungent odour. This odour is relatively light, and is difficult to smell;

3.The UV ink product itself has a certain odour and will produce some odour after curing, or it will react chemically with the substrate itself to produce odour.

4.Some customers will add some additives and other auxiliary materials in the actual printing according to the requirements of their own products, which may cause irritating odor.

Removing the uv ink odour can be achieved in 3 ways:

1.Replace the uv ink required for the UV machine, use environmentally friendly green ink, and do not contain chemicals such as VOC;

2.Add odorant and other ingredients in the uv ink. But this need to be arranged under the guidance of the manufacturer, to avoid blocking the nozzle and ink path;

3.It is better to put uv ink printed products in the ventilated place for more than 12 hours, which can remove odor.

It is worth noting that the odour itself will evaporate quickly, and will not stay on the surface of the substrate for a long time. The operator can keep the distance from the printing platform of the uv flatbed printer at a distance of more than 2 meters. 

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