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The Application of YD-F2513R5 Flatbed UV Printer in Billboard
2018-08-04 17:41:35
UV flatbed printer also called universal printer in China, “wan neng” in Chinese, meaning free from limitation of various materials. Whatever the material, you can print images on it. One of the most common application of is outdoor billboard. A flatbed Printer is an indispensable equipment for billboard Printing. Here I would like to introduce our YD-F2513R5 flatbed printer for billboard printing, also its advantages.
digital billboard printing
billboard printing
Outdoor billboards can be subdivided into large billboards, sidewalk billboards, bus station advertisements, signs, road signs etc. As we know, most of these materials are metal, acrylic, advertising cloth and so on. There will be some small number of wood products, PVC materials, etc. These materials are easy to be printed for our YD-F2513R5 flatbed UV printer. It can not only make the advertisement richer in color and content, but also adapt to all kinds of customizations needs of various customers.
The advantage of YD-F2513R5 UV flatbed Printer in Billboard Industry
YOTTA YD-F2513R5 flatbed printer for billboard printing
First, the products printed by YD-F2513R5 printer can be waterproof and UV resistant. You do not have to worry that the products will be damaged by the external environment.
Second, the YD-F2513R5 flatbed printer allows custom printing according to your personalized designs and print quantity, so that each unique ideas have been vividly demonstrated. With connotation and creativity which is different from others, then what you sell is creativity, which is more valuable, not only advertising or products.
digital wood art printing
Third, with just one set of YD-F2513R5 UV flatbed printer, you can print a variety of media, such as KT board, acrylic, PVC, metal, etc. Therefore, it is not only a billboard printer, but also a acrylic printer, PVC printer, ceramic printer, metal printer, etc. And this is why we call it “wan neng”. 

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