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SDPE & DPTC 2017 Review
2017-11-25 17:55:06

The SDPE & DPTC 2017 - Screen Printing & Industrial Inkjet Printing Expo China 2017 and Digital Textile & Personal Tailor Expo 2017, closed the day before yesterday.

Nearly 200 companies participated in this show. Digital textile printing machines and custom clothing display became the highlight of this exhibition. YOTTA’s YD-T1804SG - digital printing machine for textile and garment, debuted at this show, and attracted a lot of attention with its bright colors and versatile use.

At the same time, YOTTA displayed digital UV printing equipment included flatbed inkjet printer and hybrid UV printer, which is attractive to many people.

YOTTA on SDPE & DPTC 2017 exhibition

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