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YOTTA 5 meter wide format UV printer can be booked now
2017-04-14 19:15:22

We are very pleased to tell all you friends that our 5 meter wide format UV printer YD-H5000R5 has been launched. Based on YOTTA’s 3.2 meter large format printer YD-H3200R5, it is upgraded on the print width, further meeting the needs of customers.

Actually, before we have plans to launch this ultra wide format UV printer, our YD-H3200R5 has been on hot sale. As you guessed it, most of the customers purchased YD-H3200R5 for its capability to print 3200mm width materials, as well as extremely excellent printing results. However, we received some feedback that some customers still want a UV printer with larger print width. Because most of them carry out wide format printing business such as wallpaper printing, floor sticker printing, car sticker printing, advertising printing and so on. On some occasions, 3200mm print width has been unable to meet their needs. Therefore, the YD-H5000R5 wide format printer is born.
 YOTTA 5 meter ultra large hybrid UV printer
YOTTA 5 meter ultra large format hybrid UV printer
YD-H5000R5 printer utilizes industrial Ricoh Gen5 piezo print heads which featured amazing print resolution of 600 × 2400 dpi. It supports variable ink droplet printing, delivering high quality with smooth gradients on flat material and flexible materials. Meanwhile, the YD-H5000R5 is a high speed printer as well. It adopts UV-curable ink and UV LED curing technology, saving ink and no excessive heat produced to damage the printed media. With user-friendly functional design and the oversize print width, this UV printer is very ideal for ultra width materials printing. 
However, because of the large architecture of this printer, we only accept advanced booking, in other words, YD-H5000R5 wide format printer is a customize model, and you won’t see the product details on our website. And now we already have several orders. If you are interested in this model, take action to contact us!

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