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What you should do for UV printer maintenance?
2017-06-01 19:33:42
As a owner, we want our UV printing machine to fail as little as possible and hope it has a longer service life. In addition to depending on the original quality of the machine, the latter part of maintenance of the printer also has a great relationship. To achieve long-term excellent printing, UV printing maintenance should include the following aspect.
YOTTA YD-F2513KJ flatbed UV printer
1. UV printing head cleaning
It is strongly recommended to clean print heads with manual way. On the one hand, clean printheads manually can save ink and reduce costs. On the other hand, we can see the nozzle state more clearly. (Tools: cleaning fluid, needle tube, syringes, disposable gloves.)
Want to know the detailed operation, go to the page: How to clean Ricoh print head? 
2. UV printer ink road maintenance
During long periods of use, UV ink will slowly precipitate a variety of impurities in the ink tube. Usually, it is suggested to replace a set of new ink tube every six months or so.
3. Guide rail maintenance
It is recommended to wipe the lead rail with a lubricant oil every two months to achieve lubrication and maintenance. For one thing, it can reduce running noise. For another, it can reduce the wear and tear caused by friction.
4. Grating ruler maintenance
It requires the technician to use a non-woven dipped in a little alcohol to slowly wipe the surface of the grating ruler, so as to remove the dust and other particles. (Recommended once a month)
5. UV printing platform and surface cleaning
In daily use, regularly remove the the residual ink on the platform and the dust on the printer body with alcohol and non-woven cloth. 
6. The surrounding environment cleaning
If there is two much dust in the air floating in the substrate surface, it will directly affect the printing effect, and there may be impurity dots or pattern off or fade. Therefore, daily cleaning and ventilation is particularly important.
If there is a “YOTTA” brand on your UV printer, as long as you do good job in routine maintenance work, it is okay to keep high-quality printing and prolong service time.  

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