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What Is UV Printing and What's Its Benefits?
2018-04-25 18:00:05

Some people who don’t know much about UV printers, may be it is a little difficult to discover the difference between a UV printing machine and other printing machine. Here, I would like to introduce what UV printing is to you, also this is what we should do as a manufacturer.

UV (ultraviolet) printing refers to digital printing technology that cure printing ink with UV light. In order to make ink can be cured by UV light, photoinitiato, which can react with ultraviolet wave, is added to the ink, and UV curable ink is produced. Therefore, the “UV” in “UV printing” can refer to two aspects: UV printing ink and UV light ink curing. This is also UV printing technology.

UV printing process

UV printing machine is based on digital inkjet printing which is a non-contact technology. It direct jet UV printing ink on the substrate surface and UV light cures the ink printed. In a very short period of time, image is produced on the substrate.

Because digital UV printer can print on almost anything if ignore the materials shape. Especially when the ink used is of high quality and can be well adhered on most material, as YOTTA printer, you don’t need to do pretreatments such as coating.

In this case, the process of UV printing is quite simple. For materials that do not need to be pretreated, place materials on the print bed,adjust print position and print height, and then you can start to print image designed on the computer to the material surface. According to actual needs, white ink and glossy effect can be achieved. If you need some exquisite samples, YOTTA is pleasure to offer.

The benefits of UV printing

UV printing has a lots of advantages. Shortly, it is easier to operate than many other printing technology, such as screen printing and transfer printing. It is no print quantity limitation, short delivery time. It is widely used, suitable for a wide rang of materials. It cures ink instantly, and it is ideal for personalized printing.

In all, the development of technology is conforming to the era development and people’s needs. UV printing is no exception.

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