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UV LED Printer That Can Print on Any Flat Surface
2017-05-02 17:54:35
For digital UV LED printer, most of us will tend to find one that can print on any flat surface. With the right LED flatbed printing machine, almost all flat materials can be printed, even the materials with uneven surface. For general printing shop, UV LED printer provides a huge enforceability of printing services to a variety of materials.
Why choose digital UV LED printing?
Digital UV LED printer has a strong compatibility with printed materials, which is well known to us. With UV-curable printing ink, It can print onto almost all flat materials, including glass, ceramic tiles, PVC, plastic, flex banner, wallpaper, metal sheets and more. While delivering stunning colorful prints, its easy printing process can achieve on-demand printing to avoid the accumulation of goods and unsalable risk.
Which UV LED printer is a better choice to print on various items?
When discussing this, it involves how to choose a UV flatbed LED printer. YD-F2513KJ UV LED flatbed printer is a new printer model with high-speed Kyocera print heads YOTTA launched recently. It directly prints onto the almost all flat surface with high accuracy. Here are some samples printed by YD-F2513KJ UV LED flatbed printer.
Fine art  prints printed by YOTTA UV printers
Fine art prints printed by YD-F2513KJ printer.  It delivers multi-color printing with high resolution and
strong expressiveness.
Ceramic tiles printing with 3D effect - YOTTA UV LED printer
Ceramic tile print produced by YD-F2513KJ. With white ink printing function, it can produce amazing
3D, relief and other effects to make the print more personalized and distinctive 
Metal sign printing - YOTTA UV LED printer
Metal sign printed by YD-F2513KJ printer. It is very suitable for signage, billboard printing and so on.
The materials can be metal. wood, paper, acrylic, etc. Varnish printing makes the prints look more
nice and it can effectively extand their life. 
Want to see more printing samples and know more details about YD-F2513KJ, go to our YD-F2513KJ UV LED printer page, or contact us for proofing sample now. 

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