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UV Ink Adhesion Testing of Printing On Wood
2017-07-13 11:17:45
As an indispensable part of print production, the importance of the UV printing ink performance can not be ignored. The quality of printing ink is not only closely related to the printing results, but also greatly affect the characteristics of the print head and the use of printing system. Therefore, the UV printing ink we use has been tested again and again. 
In addition to ink color, we also value the print performance of UV ink, simply, including adhesion, rubbing fastness, color fastness, etc. Here is a small video about the ink adhesion testing of wood printing.

This is just a simple test method focus on UV ink. Before our printing ink is put into use, We have carried out a comprehensive test of the ink to ensure that the ink's color performance and printing performance are all correct. 
Since its establishment, YOTTA has been committed to the development, sales and services of digital UV printers. With nearly 10 years rich experienced, YOTTA has become a large production enterprise in China and our printers have delivered to many countries in the world.

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