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The origin of chothing and textiles
2016-05-06 16:53:31

Clothing  and textile is an essential part of our life, and it seems to be very natural. Do you remember how them originally?
The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic and is a feature of most human society. It is not known when humans began wearing clothes but anthropologists believe that skins animal and vegetation were adapted into coverings as protection from cold, heat and rain, especially when humans migrated to new climate; and an alternative hypothesis is that covering may have been first used for other purposes, such as magic, decoration, cult, or prestige, and later found to be feasible as well. Clothing and textiles have been important in history of mankind and reflects the materials available to a civilization as well as the technologies that had been mastered. The social significance of the finished product reflects their culture.

Textiles can be felt or spun fibers made into yarn and subsequently netted, looped, knit or woven to make fabrics, which appeared in the Middle East during the late stone age.From the ancient times to the present day, methods of textile production have continually evolved, and the choices of textiles available have influenced how people carried their possessions, clothed themselves, and decorated their surroundings.

Sources available for the study of clothing and textiles include material remains discovered via archaeology; representation of textiles and their manufacture in art; and documents concerning the manufacture, acquisition, use, and trade of fabrics, tools, and finished garments. Textile history, especially its earlier stages, is part of material culture studies.

With the long process of human evolution, clothing and textiles have gradually developed and improved as well, and now it has become beautiful skirts, shirts, t-shirts etc, which give us a unique beauty each other.



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