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Still Spray Painting? Getting Ride on UV Printing Now!
2018-05-31 15:00:41

Under wave after wave of environmental protection, the cloud of discontinued spray paint link of many factories has never gone away.

digital UV printing

A lot of toxic gas is produced during paint spraying, and the paint itself cannot be degraded.

However, many industrial products are coloured by spraying paint in nowadays, resulting in environmental pollution. Under the pressure of environmental protection, we need to find new substitutes.

In my opinion, UV printing has completely meet the requirement to replace spray painting in some respects.

Using UV digital printing, we can solve environmental problems and catch more standard pantone color in a short time, making the process easier and faster. In addition, a good digital printing solution can achieve richer print effects, with more value added than traditional paint spraying.

digital UV flatbed printing machine

The UV digital printing has several obvious advantages

1. The color management is extremely simple and convenient, saving a lot of time for users;

2. Convenient process and intelligent production;

3. Various print modes, for instance, color printing, white and color printing, synchronous printing of white and color and varnish, embossing effect printing, create different effects, and raise additive value of products;

4. Implementing variable data printing, the product batches, QR codes, complex ICONS and other information can be displayed on the printed items;

5. Using digital methods to restore pantone color and the color is pure;

6. Enhancing the weatherability of products.
After being UV printed and UV cured, the objects has good anti-moisture, waterproof, anti-rust, wear-resisting and anti-corrosive performance.

7. Digital UV printing is more environmentally friendly. UV ink cured can be decomposed. Besides, UV ink is no VOC. Therefore, it fully meets environmental protection requirements.

With the high efficiency of color management, we can save a lot of time and labor compared to traditional painting’s color mixing.



In some respects, digital UV printing can perfectly substitute for spray painting, delivering you and me a green, efficient, simple process, and presenting richer, more color-standard, and higher-value products.

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