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Large Format Printing Market of Ceramic
2016-06-29 11:10:26

large format printing

Since the appearance of large format printer, its market is increasingly broad for its wide application areas. Among the wide application areas, ceramic printing is a more important market for the great profits it brings. The cost of original ceramic materials and printing is relatively low, and the value of finished products up to 10 times on the market. On the other hand, large format printer is easy to operate, further promoting the development of the market.

The creative wall printed by large format printing machine, use high-tech synthetic substrate to carry on the artistic creation. Such as emboss effect, which is vivid and strong visual impact. And modular design, which can be random combined according to personal perferences, single suspension or combinations to keep a new feeling everyday. And 3D smart modeling, give people the feeling of modern, or classical, or simple, or fashion, or noble... to shape your beatiful living space and highlight personality and sense. Creative background wall comes to the fore depending on the advantages of quality, price and service in the industry, and become a new investment hot spots and wealth opportunities on real estate market. At present, the plane decoration materials such as ceramic background wall, art glass, glass painting, imitation marble tiles, wood,ect, almost all painting by large format UV printing machine. Just one person to operate a printing machine that can achieve, truly subverting the traditional complex production process.

Large format UV printer contract to a variety of shopping malls, shopping centers, office buildings, squares, and other types of construction and decoration business needs, including backdrop, door glass, wood products,  wood murals and others that can be used to decorate home. According to the needs of consumers, digital large format printer can create a unique arts and crafts professionally. What consumers need to do, just choose their own favorite patterns, or choose to design. The business model that everything  depends on consumer's preferences is gaining favour. Combined with a variety of situations, Large format printing market is still big.


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